Freezing board

Freezing board

I have a question for users of slow-closing boards. How long does the mechanism last and what companies do you recommend? The differences in prices are large, so we wonder if it is worth spending money on it at all.

I recommend provided , that all over the house. We did not have one bathroom in one and sometimes someone forgot it at night the whole house to its feet. And we installed soft-close boards mainly for children, which crackled frequently.

I do not use. I assume, that I have hands and can close the toilet seat myself.

My assumption is exactly the same. Let's not get so lazy. Let's use our own hands sometimes.

Thanks to the depreciation mechanism contained in the slowly descending board, it slows down the descent of the board and calms down. The toilet bowls are also not as vulnerable to damage as with traditional boards. Men will be particularly pleased with the slowly descending board.

Or maybe go a step further towards convenience and invest in boards with an intimate hygiene function, they are also slow-close and then we do not need a bidet anymore. We save space this way. And the cash register is practically the same, because the price of the bidet plus the frame and the plumbing service are the same for us and we will install.