Decorative stone for the bathroom?

Decorative stone for the bathroom?

I really like the imitation of stone in the bathroom, but I have concerns about how it reacts to moisture, it gets dusty, it's hard to clean it? It would be best to rinse it with water but what to secure it so that it could be done?

Or could you send a picture of the stone imitation you want?

Exactly, not a problem, now there are many professional preparations for impregnating clinker, bricks, facade tiles, natural stone cladding, plasters, concrete and natural sandstone, which additionally counteract the growth of mold and wall fungus. So it remains to choose the right preparation.

I think, that is special for this stone, which is suitable for slightly more humid places, like a bathroom.

But there is also a bathroom glaze with patterns imitating stone or wood, so maybe something like this will be suitable. I personally associate the nooks and crannies in the bathroom with fungi and mold. Where it is difficult to get to and clean, it may end this way. But maybe in new homes somehow the ventilation of this room is better.

The stone gives a very nice effect in combination with lighting because it refracts light very effectively on irregular shapes. In the bathroom, there is usually additional mirror lighting, so you could arrange such a stone on the wall with the mirror.

it is true. Lighting is equally important in this case and should not be forgotten.