Men's cuisine, what do you think??

Men's cuisine, what do you think??

The rule is probably already, that it is women who have the decisive opinion on the arrangement and equipment of the kitchen. Decorated with taste, cozy, full of decorative gadgets. What a typical guy's kitchen would look like then? Guys are cooking and cooking well more and more. What tips do you have regarding the arrangement and equipment of the kitchen from a male point of view?.

Men most often like minimalist kitchens. There is no room for redundant here, decor, shelves or cupboards. Each element of the building is elegant and not accidental. It has its logical and functional explanation. Similarly, household appliances must be simple in form, necessarily built-in. An elegant and large fridge, is a professional coffee machine indisputable elements of a guy's kitchen. Devices must be reliable and presentable. The only decorative elements are light sources. LED kitchen lighting is energy-saving, therefore it can shine for a long time without fear, creating a cool atmosphere.

I think, that a guy's kitchen would be more functional than pretty. Men do not pay attention to details related to interior design, just like women. The quality and usefulness of the equipment are more important to them.

The men's thing in the kitchen is a black refrigerator with an ice cube maker stuffed with new technologies. The two-door one can accommodate everything and beer too.

Without a dishwasher, the guy will not be able to cope with it, that he cooks well and the matter of washing up is not his business.