What paint to choose for the kitchen?

What paint to choose for the kitchen?

Choosing paints to paint individual rooms, special attention should be paid to the kitchen. This room requires special treatment. No wonder - the kitchen is the heart. So what paint to choose there?

In the kitchen, we spend time not only preparing dishes. It is also a meeting place with family and friends. We are not always aware of this as well, that this particular room has its own unique microclimate. It is created by a lot of moisture, after all, no kitchen can do without a sink and often splashing water from it, as well as steam from cooked dishes or devices such as a dishwasher. In addition, the walls of the kitchen are exposed to continuous, often tough dirt from food or drinks. So the walls of the kitchen do not have an easy life, therefore, when arranging, it is necessary to secure them well.

Beckers paints come to the rescue. Those specially selected for the kitchen are characterized by special properties, necessary to maintain cleanliness and color. First of all, these paints are easy to apply, not splashing when painting. Their composition is based on ceramic components, making the painted surface smooth, easy to clean and does not absorb liquid contamination. This type of paint is also resistant to scrubbing, so that even with intensive cleaning, the color will not wash off and will look great. One of the most important features of the paint dedicated to the kitchen is also the fact, that it is hypoallergenic, niemal bezwonna, and its composition has a reduced content of organic solvents. Thanks to this, Beckers paints for the kitchen are completely safe for health.

As for the arrangement, it is worth considering the color scheme well, after that, to feel good in this room. The color of the kitchen walls should match the kitchen furniture fronts and ceramic tiles. It is also worth taking care of the overall effect - nowadays, apartments and houses often have a kitchenette connected to a dining room or a living room. The arrangement of the kitchen should therefore create a coherent whole with the adjacent rooms. There are many possibilities, just like that, like color combinations. Everyone will surely find something for themselves.

As for the color, I would choose something on the verge of green and yellow – these are perhaps the most appetizing and bright colors. There is also the psychology of colors. For example, red increases the appetite, therefore a lot of fast food, creating your logo, he chooses red. And all in all, a red kitchen would be something, as long as there is no lack of courage. Eating meals would never be the same again!

For me, the color is indifferent as long as the paint is resistant to high temperatures, moisture and dirt.

Color is not such an indifferent matter. Would you like to have a kitchen of color, e.g.. furiously pink kitchen?

The kitchen paint should be stain resistant. they could be washed off.