How to arrange a kitchen in a small apartment?

How to arrange a kitchen in a small apartment?

You want to furnish your dream apartment, but you don't know, how to arrange small kitchens?

If you plan to build a small kitchen, you need to learn a few effective tricks. Thanks to this, you will be able to make the most of the room. In a well-arranged kitchen, cooking will be a pleasure, even, if it's small. First thing, what you should think about is resignation from high buildings. In a small kitchen, low cabinets or shelves are better suited, because the room built in this way seems optically deeper.

However, if you still want to opt for tall cabinets, it will be a good idea to use fronts made of translucent plastic or frosted glass., which will look better. Transparent furniture fronts also give a sense of depth to the room.
Except that, to increase the ergonomics of the room, you can use blinds or sliding doors instead of traditional ones. This will increase the amount of space and make it, that no door will not take up space unnecessarily. You can also hang shelves between the top and the upper cabinets, in order to save space and make the most of the storage possibilities. You can store small items and spices on such shelves, so that they are always at hand while cooking.

If you want to make the most of the space and influence every detail, you can invest in mobile equipment, e.g.. on wheels. A litter bin slides out from under the table, folding chairs and table? It is a great alternative to massive furniture, which take up a lot of space. You can read about how to make your life in the kitchen easier here

If you care about the comfort of work, think about installing a wider tabletop. Thanks to this, you will gain more space in the drawers and you will be able to put many compartments in them. This way you will not clutter the space outside the furniture - everything will seem cleaner and more minimalist.

A practical solution in a small kitchen is also to increase the width of the worktop to 80 cm. Thanks to that against the wall (waist approx. 20 cm) storage compartments for handy work tools can be placed: knives, spoons, colanders necessary when preparing meals. A small kitchen is a good idea, if you prefer fast cooking. You don't have to walk around a large room, you have everything at your fingertips, so enjoy it and do not despair.

I myself have a small kitchen and its equipment, so that it is functional, comfortable and classy is a real challenge. In such situations, it is best to use the help of an interior designer, and if not, you can look for advice on the internet. I am looking for advice on interior design, e.g. on a Homebook. There are many tips from specialists and interior photos, with which you can be inspired.

I think, that such advice can be of great help. You can always use the help of a designer.

Only the help of a designer is very expensive. So it is probably better to follow such advice.

This problem is most common in undersized kitchens, for me, for example, the furniture had to be adjusted individually, because normal shop products would not fit.

In some cases, custom-made furniture is a must. But sometimes you can decorate something with ready-made furniture from chain stores.

At my place (I live in a block of flats) the kitchen is very small, that's why I painted it white. Choosing the right tops was a real problem, so, so that the whole thing does not look bland. I read on about countertops in the white kitchen – I decided to play with the contrast; white kitchen and black granite worktop.