Sheet metal coverings

tmp11fc-1Roof accessories included in the roofing system made of coated profiled sheets.

Various types of flat or profiled sheets can be used to cover the roof structure.

• Blachy płaskie układa się na pełnym deskowaniu z desek obrzynanych o grubości 25 mm and width 12-15 cm. The formwork for the copper sheet should also be full, and the boards are placed with gaps under the galvanized steel sheet 5 cm. Flat sheets are connected to the so-called. standing or lying seam.

• Blachy trapezowe układa się na łatach drewnianych w taki sposób, so that the wider bottom of the groove is at the bottom.In pitched roofs, trapezoidal sheets are joined with a single overlap. The sheets are laid from the eaves to the ridge with a minimum transverse overlap 15 cm (with a slope of ≥14 °).

• Blachy profilowane w kształcie dachówek układa się na łatach 3 x 5 cm at a distance of every 41 cm.