Mullion-transom walls, part 2

tmp21ae-1Details of the joist wall connections.

Beam connection details, foundations, of columns and braces in an axonometric perspective and in horizontal and vertical projections are shown in the drawing above, while the figure below shows the connections of elements along their length and at an angle.

tmp2418-1Details of square timber connections: a) on the length, b) at an angle.

The skeleton of a mullion-transom wall is filled with various materials depending on the purpose of the building. The drawing shows the details of filling the skeleton with a brick wall, such walls are called half-timbered walls. To prevent bricks from falling out of the wall, Usually triangular slats are attached to the posts, that go into the cutouts of the bricks. To obtain the required heat transfer coefficient k, these walls should be additionally insulated with other materials.

tmp8d5a-1Horizontal sections of mullion-transom walls: a) brick filling connected to the column by means of wooden slats, b) brick filling insulated with boards on the inside (or wood-based materials) covered with plaster on a reed, c) two-sided board upholstery and sawdust filling, d) outer layer of chip-cement boards plastered with an inner layer of wood-based materials and thermal insulation, e.g.. made of mineral wool; 1 - brick, 2 - strip, 3 - nail, 4 - plaster, 5 — papa, 6 - mesh, 7 - boards, 8 - plaster on a reed, 9 - gap, 10 - sawdust or mineral wool, 11 - chip-cement boards, 12 - mineral wool, 13 - wood-based panels.

The spacing of the columns should be adapted to the dimensions and type of filling materials, e.g.. bricks, panels used for cladding, fillings etc..

Instead of brick filling, the frame can be upholstered on both sides with boards or boards of different materials, and fill the space between the boards with insulating material. In figure c, Two examples are shown, in which sawdust and mineral wool are the insulating material. To sawdust should be added 10% quicklime (by weight) to protect against vermin.