The system of building walls from gypsum blocks

tmpf6d4-1System solution for walls made of gypsum blocks, with foamed polystyrene thermal insulation inserts 10 cm.

Gypsum is one of the cleanest building materials. It provides a favorable microclimate of rooms by the ability to absorb excess moisture from the environment and give it back, when the air becomes dry.
Gypsum as a material for building walls has numerous advantages - it is relatively light, easy and quick to assemble, plaster elements can be easily cut, the plaster surface is even and smooth. Gypsum elements serve as a fire protection cover for a reinforced concrete or steel structure.
The disadvantage of gypsum is high water absorption when the material comes into contact with water and low strength, falling sharply under the influence of moisture.
In the presented EKOGIPS system, external walls are made of gypsum blocks equipped with vertical channels. The supporting structure of the building is the skeleton of reinforced concrete columns created by pouring concrete into the channels in the hollow bricks. The channels in the hollow blocks of non-bearing curtain walls are filled with polystyrene at the factory.
• Basic wall elements, about dimensions 49,8 x 34 x 24,8 cm, they are used to erect external walls (the wall has a thickness 34 cm). The vertical channels are filled with polystyrene with a thickness 80,100 i 120 mm (the greater the thickness of the channel – the better the thermal insulation of the wall). Wall blocks are also available with a jamb and corner version.
• Internal structural elements are used to shape columns in internal walls. They have dimensions 49,8 x 24,8 x 24,8 cm. Coronary elements, about dimensions 49,8 x 34 x 25 cm, are intended for shaping ceiling rims.
• Lintels in external walls are made with the use of two-piece lintels, which are permanent formwork for concrete, armored belk. The elements of the lintel are plaster fittings with thick walls 50 mm. The outer wall is insulated with a thick polystyrene 6 cm.
• Insulating and masking elements are used to insulate and at the same time mask other materials in the wall.