A dormitory with a brick front wall

tmp3ff-1A dormer structure with a brick front wall, in a claw-purlin roof with a knee wall.

The front wall of the dormer can be made of brick, being an extension of the outer wall of the building or be constructed of timber, independent of the walls of the building. The brick front wall of the dormer can be covered with roof slopes forming eaves, as well as go beyond these stretches. The dormer may or may not interrupt the continuity of the roof slopes at the eaves and thus the continuity of the guttering .

The presented structure of a dormer roof with a brick front wall is based on the external wall and the exchange between the rafters. The structure for the side triangular walls of the dormer is made of additional short rafters based on the replacement from above, and on the side fixed with spacers to the rafters.

Obtaining an even surface of the ceiling throughout the attic and in the dormer requires adjusting the level of the cap in the dormer to the level of the ticks in the full roof trusses.