Window openings in skeleton walls with a brick curtain wall

tmp62f0-2Window opening in a skeleton wall with a brick curtain wall.

The brick curtain wall should be moved away from the frame wall in order to obtain a ventilation gap. Braces with sheathing may be made of checkered plate anchors, which are attached to the sheathing of the structure on the axes of the frame columns. The thermal insulation in the wall gap should fit snugly against the sheathing of the structure.

The window is mounted in the wall slot in this way, that the brick curtain wall adjoins the frame, acting as a jamb. Extending the window beyond the wall structure is possible thanks to the construction of the plywood frame, which closes the wall gap around the window. Mounting clearances are sealed with mounting foam after the window has been embedded. The window lintel in the brick curtain wall must be protected against water, which prevents the window frame from getting damp by water drops running down the gap.