Attic over the building in the YTONG technology with a wooden truss

tmp2b40-1A roof with a traditional wooden truss on knee walls in a building made in the YTONG technology.

The attic in buildings with sloping roofs is most often designed as a usable area.
So that the roof slants do not reduce this area, knee walls are made, raising the roof truss above the ceiling level.
This type of solution requires the protection of the knee wall against the strut sieves of the roof truss.
The most effective protection of the knee walls is to make an additional reinforced concrete rim under the wall, braced with the ceiling rim with reinforced concrete posts. In the YTONG system, reinforced concrete posts and an additional rim under the wall panel can be poured in the formwork lost from U-fittings. Inverted U-fittings can also be used to cover the masonry between the roof trusses, by obtaining the flush of the entire surface of the knee wall until it touches the roof surface.

tmp2b40-2A roof with a traditional truss based on the knee wall of the building made in the YTONG technology. The knee wall has a reinforcement in the form of a reinforced concrete rim on posts connected to the structure of the ceiling rim:
a) cross section of the knee wall,
b) horizontal projection of the knee wall.