Attic with a recessed brick knee wall

tmpf2c-1Adaptation for residential purposes of a low attic with a brick internal knee wall.

Adaptation for residential purposes of a low attic with a murate at the level of the ceiling rim, forces the necessity to withdraw the knee wall towards the inside.

It is advantageous to route the insulation along the ceiling and the knee wall, because the non-insulated air space created in this way protects the attic from overheating in the summer and facilitates the ventilation of the insulated roof slopes. It is important to maintain the continuity of thermal insulation and ventilation between the outlet of the wall gap and the roof slope. Withdrawn, the masonry elbow wall should rest perpendicularly to the direction of the spreading of the rib-and-rib ceiling. In a situation where the ceiling is stretched parallel to the eaves, instead of a brick wall, a light wall made on a wooden or metal frame should be used, with plasterboard sheathing.