Attic with a roof made of YTONG roof panels

tmp38bf-1The roof is made of YTONG roof panels in a horizontal arrangement, with support on the transverse walls of the building.

In the YTONG technology, it is possible to make a roof without a traditional roof truss.
Pitched roofs can be made of YTONG panels in a horizontal or vertical arrangement:
• In a horizontal arrangement, the boards rest on the gable walls and internal transverse walls.
• In the vertical configuration, the boards rest on elbow walls and a reinforced concrete or steel binder stretched between the transverse walls.
Roof slopes made of YTONG panels have similar thermal insulation parameters and thermal inertia as external walls on lower floors.
The resulting attic does not heat up in summer and does not cool down in winter.

tmp38bf-2Roof with slopes of YTONG panels in a horizontal arrangement – supporting the boards on the transverse walls
a) cross-section,
b) longitudinal section.