Arrangement of piles under walls and columns, part 2

Under the eccentrically loaded feet, the pile system is adjusted to the resultant force position or the unequal load of individual pile rows is allowed.

When designing footings and strip footings on piles, the following rules should be observed:
a) the distance between the axes of the piles should be 3,5 d (d - pile diameter),

b) the feet and benches resting on the stilts must be stiff, so that the load is transferred evenly to the individual piles,
c) pile execution tolerances should be taken into account (deviations may be 5-10 cm),
d) the heads of wooden piles should be embedded in the concrete of the foundation to a depth 30-60 cm, the heads should be slightly hewn, and around the circumference of the head, reinforcement should be made of windings and longitudinal bars,
e) the heads of reinforced concrete piles should be embedded in the concrete 10-15 cm, and the longitudinal reinforcement of the piles should be sunk into the concrete to a depth 30-40 cm,
f) the distance of the pile from the side edge of the foundation should be 30-40 cm.

tmpf487-1Reinforcement of a foot supported on piles.

The reinforcement of a footing based on piles is shown in the drawing above, while the footings with two rows of piles in the figure below.

tmpfab7-1Reinforcement of a footing based on piles arranged in two rows.