Tongue-purlin roofs

tmpf3e2-1The roof truss with a clamp-purlin structure.

In the claw-purlin truss, the rafters are supported by horizontal purlins based on poles. The posts can be vertical, lying (sloping towards the ridge) or trestle (sloped towards the eaves). They are placed at intervals of full trusses. Rafters and columns are stiffened in full trusses by tongs covering them on both sides. The purlins outside the pillars rest on swords, which stiffen the truss in its longitudinal direction.

There are two types of trusses:

• Full – arranged what 3 – 5 m, which consist of two rafters, pairs of ticks, purlins and two pillars stiffened with swords.

• Indirect – consisting of two rafters and supporting purlins.

The pliers are connected to the poles with a full reciprocal notch and a bolt with a diameter 16-18 mm, and with rafters on a half-tailed tail and a wooden dowel or bolt with a diameter 12 mm.