Calculation of the length and width of the tile cover

Calculation of the length and width of the tile cover:

tmpbd67-1Calculation of the length and width of lap tile coverage.

Overlap tiles are a covering laid on an overlap specified by the factory with the dimensions of the locks. These locks have deliberately selected clearances that allow the tiles to slide in relation to each other, which allows for leveling the unevenness of the roof that appeared before and after laying the tiles. Thanks to this, the tiles perfectly withstand the constantly changing loads from wind and snow on the roof. When measuring the roof, use the average dimensions of the batten spacing recommended by the manufacturer, this enables the coverage to work (sliding and sliding of the tiles).

tmpbd67-2Determining the width and length of the covering made of sliding tiles.

roof slope overlap lath spacing
[angle] [%] [cm] [cm]
< 22°


> 30°


≥ 40,4

> 57,7







The sliding tiles have a covering width of approx 30 cm. A half-tile tile will be helpful in adjusting the width of the covering to the width of the roof structure, whose cover width is 15 cm. Side locks allow the tiles to be moved within their limits 2 – 3 mm, which allows for precise matching of the covering to the roof structure. The advantage of sliding tiles is the possibility of selecting the batten spacing from the range specified by the manufacturer (e.g.. 31,2 – 34,5 cm). Coverage length (equal to the spacing of the battens) is the difference between the length of the tile and the overlap.