Half-hipped roofs with a collar beam structure

tmp32bd-1Half-hip roof (gable with a lower half-gable) with collar beam construction.

In gable roofs with a pediment (lower half-peak) caps supporting collar bars should be supported in the corners with poles and stiffened with swords in the plane of the side wall and the gable wall.

Corner rafters appear in the construction of the pediment roof, with a pentagonal cross-section, cropped like this, that both cuts agree with the planes of adjoining roofs. Shorter rafters called kulawkas rest on the corner rafter on both sides. To avoid weakening of the rafter bond at the vanishing points, should be used swaps in places, where at one point would be based more than 4 rafters.

When it is planned to use the attic for residential purposes, the attic ceiling should be made on one level. This can be achieved by performing the so-called. disastrous flies (transverse and oblique) on the same level as the main flanges – stretched across the entire width. These mayopies are based on a cap and connected to the main collar.

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  1. The pediment of the roof protruding beyond the gable has three finishing boards (one horizontal, located like a collar beam, and two oblique rafter, located as short as possible) what are they called?

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