Timber frame construction with a shallow slab foundation

tmp995c-2The ground floor of the building has a wooden frame structure with a shallow slab foundation.

Shallow foundation of a frame building is possible on sandy soils, non-shedding, well permeable to water. In this type of building, the reinforced concrete floor slab forms a monolithic whole with the footings . Thanks to the shallow trenches, practically limited to removing the top layer of humus, it is a cheap and quick solution. The footings are cast in the permanent formwork made of extruded polystyrene plates, which plays the role of thermal insulation during operation. The floor plate does not carry such loads as benches, therefore, it can be insulated with hydrophobized mineral wool for use in contact with the ground. Two layers of bituminous felt waterproofing are applied over the entire surface of the slab and strip footings.

A shallow slab foundation of a timber-framed building.