Frame structure with ventilated under-floor space

tmp9944-1The ground floor of the building with a wooden frame structure with a ventilated under-floor space.

In buildings with a frame structure, the characteristic solution is the ceiling above the ground surface and the so-called. ventilated under-floor space. The inflow of air from under the ceiling eliminates the problem of hermetization (sealings) building. This is an advantageous solution, because the walls in the frame technology are very tight due to the use of a vapor barrier foil.

The ceiling is constructed at a height 60 cm above the ground, which allows access to the installations below the ceiling. The humus layer between the foundation walls is replaced with a sand bed, and if the ground is wet – a vapor-protective polyethylene film is laid on the ballast. The space under the floor should be ventilated using ventilation openings in the outer walls – the area of ​​the holes should be 1/500 the projection area of ​​the building.

One thought on “Frame structure with ventilated under-floor space”

  1. I am curious what the temperature prevails in such an under-floor space and whether such a floor can be treated as a typical external partition, or whether the temperature reduction factor Btr can be used?
    Ok, “the area of ​​the holes should be 1/500 the projection area of ​​the building.”
    And how many of these holes in relation to the surface?

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