Massive wooden walls with a carcass construction

tmpf8df-1The solution of the window opening in the carcass wall.

The wooden structure of the log walls is made of logs joined on the so-called. framework (carbon) Podhale. Multi-plane connection locks give rigidity to the box created by the walls and seal against wind blowing. The gaps between the amphibians allow the wood to work, and they are sealed with wood wool braids. The outer framework walls can be additionally insulated from the inside with light framework walls, filled with mineral wool and covered with plasterboards or paneling.

A beam ceiling hangs over the eaves on the longitudinal walls, fixed in the wall with the clamp of the last wall amphibian. The cracks of the ceiling beams and the outermost amphibians support the roof structure elements. The openings in the log walls are delimited by massive posts, which stiffen the wall weakened by the cut of amphibians, at the same time securing the window joinery against settling of the wood.