System of insulation of skeleton walls with the "light-wet" method

tmpb643-1Frame wall with additional thermal insulation on the outside of the wall made using the "light-wet" method.
CAUTION: at the level of the ground floor and in all places exposed to mechanical damage, it is recommended to strengthen the facade with an additional layer of adhesive mortar with embedded reinforcement mesh.

Thermal insulation of the frame building with the "light-wet" method enables simultaneous insulation of the walls and permanent finishing of the facade.

Thermal insulation system using the "light-wet method"” Frame-based buildings differ from thermal insulation of masonry walls. The polystyrene insulation boards used in this system have grooves on the back surface, which enable anti-moisture drainage. Water can run directly into the plinth, and then get out of the façade through the openings at its outer edge, without damaging the structure of the building. It is recommended that, that the façade on the ground floor level and in all places exposed to mechanical damage or increased pressure is reinforced with a double layer of reinforcing mesh. The location of these places should be indicated in the facade design. At the corners of the walls, the reinforcing mesh should be overlapped with a width 20 cm. At the corners of the window openings at an angle of 45 °, additional pieces of mesh with dimensions should be embedded 24 x 30 cm.