How to stick ceramic wall tiles?

How to stick ceramic wall tiles?

After marking the vertical and horizontal guidelines, you can start sticking full tiles. The tiles should be laid in horizontal rows, bottom to top, pasting fragments of the surface of approx 1 m². When they pass 24 hours from applying the tiles, you can remove the horizontal supporting strip and fill the gaps with properly cut edge tiles. If you used plastic crosspieces, you can also delete them. Po 24 hours, you can fill the gaps between the tiles with grout. Then wash them clean with a sponge, and after drying, polish with a cloth.

Laying the first row of tiles

1 Start in the bottom corner. Spread a layer of glue on the surface with a trowel for about 1 day, then smooth with a spatula with a serrated edge.

2 Place the first tile on the batten like this, so that its edge coincides with the vertical guide line and press it against the wall by slightly moving it. Arrange horizontal rows.

3 If the edges of the tiles have protrusions, press them tightly against each other. if not, separate them with plastic crosses.

4 Check with a spirit level, if the horizontal edges are even and make any necessary corrections. Apply glue to the next size fragment 1 m² and repeat all steps.