Laying patterns from floor tiles

Laying patterns from floor tiles.

A pattern laid out on a floor made of multicolored tiles can give a room a completely new character. Laying these kinds of patterns is extremely simple, and the effects are often surprising. A simple chessboard of black and white tiles gives the room a strong character. However, you must remember, that keeping single-color tiles clean, especially black and white, where you can see every spot and scratch, is more difficult than the case
patterned or convex tiles. Some vinyl tiles, especially those in pastel colors, tend to fade from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
Planning simple, dwubarwny, checkered pattern, you must first calculate the amount of all tiles, then divide the result by 2 and buy the same amount of tiles of both colors.
You can design more sophisticated patterns on graph paper by accepting, that each square corresponds to one tile. Paint the grids with different colors and count, how many tiles of each color you will have to buy.

• Be careful, not to apply too thick a layer of glue when laying vinyl tiles.
• Do not leave gaps between vinyl tiles, pressing them as close to each other as possible.
• The joint filler must be compatible with the type of tiles and adhesive.
• For filling joints in places particularly exposed to flooding with water (kitchen, bathroom) use a waterproof putty.
• Wait a month, before you put tiles on a freshly plastered wall.
• Impregnate the weak points of the plastered surface.
• Impregnate the weak parts of the walls with shellac.
• Fix the floor and wall cladding panels securely, that there are no loose spots or bulges.
• Clean oil painted walls with a strong detergent solution and sand with sandpaper to increase adhesion.
• If you stick tiles directly onto plywood, impregnate it with a waterproof varnish intended for external surfaces.
• When laying self-adhesive vinyl tiles, do not peel off the protective layer of the paper, until you finally decide where to lay the tile.
• You must try not to peel off the self-adhesive vinyl tiles that are once stuck on, because peeling off weakens their adhesion, as a result, the tiles begin to stick out of the substrate.