How to decorate an interior in a vintage style?

How to decorate an interior in a vintage style?

Vintage stylizations are known not only in fashion, but also design. Such styling is the essence of modern design with characteristic accents known from different eras.

The vintage style is based on sophisticated combinations of modernist furniture with antique accessories and patterns. In this type of styling, we see leather armchairs from the turn of the century and cushions with patterns from the years 80 these. It is surprising, that in this case the opposites perfectly harmonize with each other. Recycled furniture and accessories are most often used to make the elements of the arrangement, aged or restored.

Vintage style works in many places. It is used in salons, bedrooms, studios, offices, as well as in public places. The interior arranged in such a way is the perfect place to arrange a house party, New Year's Eve or carnival party. Pubs and restaurants are also often styled in this way.

The style is characterized by a wealth of fancy accessories such as pillows, ornaments, Photo frames, posters, collector's accessories related to pop culture. Chair covers, sofas and couches are made like this, to imitate the style of the 1930s, 50these and the 60's. A very common procedure is to use the patchwork effect - the materials are combined to create extremely colorful color compositions.

These types of items can be easily found in the nooks and crannies of your home basement, grandma's attic, as well as online auctions and flea markets. It is also worth paying attention to the colors, which is another determinant of this style. Vintage interiors are usually rich in color combinations such as blue, turquoise, green, black, brown, orange, turquoise, red and brown. They are very often combined with white, which acts as a background.

I really like the elements of the old in modern interiors, I like the loft idea, but refurbished chairs for a modern table in the kitchen. I found such a combination on the maxmag, where they write about interior design. At the next renovation, I will use this solution.

I like these combinations too. Not vintage at all + modernity can have a great effect.