What kind of pendant lamp for the kitchen?

What kind of pendant lamp for the kitchen?

I already have a lighted kitchen, cabinet tops with LED strip and lights on hanging cabinets, I only have the cable in the middle. The lamp is more decorative here because the other lighting is already very good. I was thinking about hanging, but I don't see anything specific. I want it to be the dominant element.

I think, that something with a large shade will make an impression. It is not known what style the room is but assuming, that modern, I recommend installing a forchini lamp as a ceiling lighting in the kitchen. I don't know how others think but she impresses me.

And in what style do you have your kitchen arranged? Rather, it is a key point, if the lamp is to be only a decorative element, because it can be both modern and retro.

Or maybe something more decorative? Known, that the lighting in the kitchen is primarily functional, but you can always try something that will look more aesthetic by the way, maybe, for example, crystal chandeliers?

Crystal chandelier in the kitchen? Somehow, I do not like such decorative lighting for a room such as a kitchen. It will work better in the living room, possibly a bedroom, and then, when the interior is rather glamorous.

I guess you're a little right, chandelier, and a crystal one is probably too much for a room such as a kitchen, although it also depends on the device method. It will definitely not work in minimalist arrangements, but in those more lavishly decorated, why not.

As long as you don't have the central light aimed at the kitchen island, it is this type of lighting that makes no sense – after all, this place should be properly exposed anyway, where the meals are prepared. Therefore, a better solution for most places of this type will be spot lighting aimed at the table top.

I think too, that such spot lighting is quite a good solution.

Chandelier for the kitchen? In my opinion, it will not work.

I think too, that the chandelier is more suitable, for example, in the living room. I can't see him at all in the kitchen.

You'll kill yourself for this chandelier twice while cooking.

Now large black llamas to modern ones are in fashion, white kitchens. In such a kitchen, it is then the leading element. Maybe just such a lamp for the kitchen will suit you.