You hang the toilet?

You hang the toilet?

Is the suspended one better? And is it always so? In what cases it is not advisable to use a suspended toilet bowl? From what is clear, the suspended toilet bowls need adequate space for the frame, to build it up properly. So some protruding wall or something else will be behind the bowl? And the floor, after mounting? Its level will not change?

In my opinion, they are more dedicated to small bathrooms because they optically add space. Suspended toilet bowls are mounted on racks, which are previously attached to the wall and I do not know a situation where such a system could not be used. The floor level does not change. If we have a thick load-bearing wall, we can fix the frame. And if not, we can build it up to the ceiling and some shelves, here is our creative invention so that it does not look too much. You can then install some interesting decorative lighting.

As lighting for the bathroom to illuminate the recesses, I suggest LED lighting in the form of LED strips or eyelets with the appropriate IP.

You saw this action 400 Kg? Flush-mounted bathroom racks held the weight of the car. If someone is looking, it is worth taking these into account as well.

As for contraindications, I think so, that if someone at home is very overweight, it is better not to risk choosing a traditional toilet, though I don't know, what is the maximum load of the suspended ones?

If it is possible, it is worth installing toilet bowls on frames. I am just renovating the bathrooms and I have installed suspended toilet and bidets in both. By installing a wall-hung toilet, I gained easy cleaning and very nice recesses.