Choosing the right appliances for a small kitchen

Choosing the right appliances for a small kitchen?

Careful consideration of the renovation should make it easier for me to work in the kitchen. What appliances do you think I can give up and what is necessary in the kitchen?

If your kitchen is very small, you may want to consider buying multifunction devices, for example, ovens that combine the functions of an oven and a microwave oven, so you can save some space. Small kitchens often appear dark. In addition to ceiling lamps, it is worth installing kitchen lighting under the hanging cabinets, which will illuminate the countertops, i.e. your workplace.

It's hard to give up basic equipment, There are things, which must be in the kitchen regardless of its size. There must be a stove with an oven for sure, fridge, dishwasher, a microwave will also come in handy, cordless kettle, food processor… Unfortunately, all these devices take up a lot of space, but they are an indispensable part of the kitchen. If you are scared, that something will not fit you, or it will be misaligned, review the finished kitchen designs first, In this way, you can easily see the arrangement of individual pieces of furniture and appliances and find clever solutions for small rooms.

Kitchen lighting plays a very important role. The light is directed at cookers and ovens, Above-cupboard furniture lamps will provide illumination of the interior of the lockers and cabinets. On the other hand, if we only want to illuminate the kitchen countertop, we only need under-cupboards.

Saving space is also a multifunctional food processor, thanks to it, we can perform many different activities and save space in cabinets. So you can dispense with an unnecessary cabinet.

I think, that our cramped PRL kitchens what they need most is space. How can you gain some space? Certainly, custom-made furniture, e.g.. by a kitchen furniture company – I did it myself, A friend helped me with the project and today I do not regret the money spent.

Steamers are very healthy and take up little space. In one device and at the same time, we can prepare the entire dinner without the risk of burns.