Modern sanitary installations?

Modern sanitary installations?

Currently, we have many modern solutions for sanitary installations at our disposal. Just how does it work in practice. The market is full of these products, better, inferior quality at a good and worse price. How to proverbial not get on mukę and not make yourself more problems with it.

It is true that modern sanitary installations are hidden under the bathroom finish, so it is worth choosing proven products to avoid breakdowns and frequent repairs because we do not always have easy access. There is a huge choice of concealed frames, drain valves, syfony, filling valves, concealed batteries, flush buttons, linear drains and penie something else that I have not heard of.

In my old block, as it is not possible to insert pipes due to the walls of reinforced concrete plates, the frames for gypsum cardboard turned out to be a bull's-eye. We distributed the pipes as we want and the sink and toilet hanging on one wall, built-in pipes aesthetics rules.

However, I pay a lot of attention to sanitary ware. It is very important to me, that they are of the highest quality.

I opted for elegant bathroom accessories in the form of soap dispensers. Automatic products with a sensor are very ergonomic.