How to arrange a kitchen in a studio apartment?

How to arrange a kitchen in a studio apartment?

Functional device, and at the same time an aesthetic kitchen in a studio apartment is a real challenge for the designer. It must keep the proportion of the room, and at the same time provide opportunities for free movement. How to plan a space in such a place?

First of all, we have to decide, what household appliances will be needed there. You should plan everything carefully. The easiest way is to divide the kitchen space into the so-called. zones.

Zones such as:

Work top - a place for preparing food.

Inventories - the place where food products are stored. It can be a cupboard or a storage box above the refrigerator.

Storage - Just like the inventory zone, with this, that here we will arrange space for everyday items and kitchen equipment.

Washing up - a small sink with a cupboard will be useful for this, in which it is worth placing a trash can. It will be the perfect place, because it is during washing that the most waste is created.

Cooking and baking - an oven should be installed in this area, heating plate, possibly a microwave.

In small and narrow kitchens, a good solution is to use a complete kitchen unit. Thanks to this, we gain more space, and at the same time there is room for everything. Additionally, we can save space by using folding tables and chairs. The most common arrangement of rooms in studios is a U-shaped kitchen. They are often open to the living room. This makes the room appear larger. If you arrange such a kitchen, you will need some functional gadgets.

Bright arrangements using simple materials will work well in such spaces. Light wood and stone will emphasize the cozy character of the studio, and additionally brighten it, making it seem bigger, than in reality.

In such cases, the living room with a kitchenette is the most effective. Then the table can divide both rooms and constitute a mini dining room.