Unusable attic in a brick building

tmp5ce9-1Unusable attic in a brick building.

In the unused attic, the thermal insulation is placed on the ceiling of the last floor. Columns are usually used in a roof truss with longer span trusses, which are based on the ground beams placed on the ceiling.
Due to the ground beams, the most advisable solution is to make the floor using the dry method – from boards on legars, between which there is a mineral wool thermal insulation. Legary, whose height is equal to the height of the ground beams, they allow for a uniform floor level and, as a result, a functional attic.
Under the insulation, a vapor barrier made of bituminous roofing felt, at the same time, it is a base for wooden joists and walls.
Around the external walls, an additional layer of glass wool or rock wool insulation is continuously combined with the external wall insulation.