Laying clinker on the ground

It is good to know before laying
On properly hardened ground (crushed stone and sand) a layer of fine gravel is spread as a base for clinker bricks. By performing e.g.. terrace, you should start with the preparation of the border. The brick can be stacked upright on the mortar layer, additionally securing the side. The border is made of several rows of clinker, arranged longitudinally and possibly transversely. After the pavement is leveled inside the border, the laying begins. Work should begin with one of the corners. A large stone patch facilitates constant control of the surface.
You also need to remember to keep the gaps around each brick. The surface is laid evenly along the diagonal, working from the side of the laid clinker. The gaps between the bricks are filled with sand. However, sand is a good seedbed for many garden plants, mostly grass and weeds, who willingly take root in it, often becoming a nuisance for the inhabitants. This can be avoided, using mortar, e.g.. two-component mixture based on epoxy resin, which is spread slightly moist.