Multifunctional solutions for a small bathroom

Multifunctional solutions for a small bathroom.

I would like to collect in this thread all possible 2in1 solutions or something similar. Any interesting solutions and connections, to save space, space and media.

The comfort of a shower and relaxation in the bath can be combined thanks to a screen installed on the bathtub, i.e. a combination of a bathtub and a shower. Another example is a ladder radiator that also functions as a towel rail. 2-in-1 space-saving washer-dryer. Feathers and we do not need to have dryers around the house and this is effective drying. Another is a washbasin integrated with a toilet bowl, takes up little space and saves water. It collects water from the sink and uses it for flushing.

If two in one, it can also be a mirror cabinet. Extra space for some cosmetics. Energy-saving LED lighting built into the ceiling does not need a large space to be built, so the ceiling can be lowered by as little as 5 cm and gain optical space by resigning from the installation of surface-mounted lamps.

My proposal here is a device mounted on a toilet bowl with adjustable temperature and water pressure, drying function with air temperature regulation, i.e. a toilet seat with a bidet function. And another small detail that is appropriate in the bathroom by women is a hair dryer - curler. For example, you can save space. in the cupboard behind the mirror.

Definitely a mirror cabinet, this way you can save space on the wall, because the cabinet is needed for cosmetics etc., and there must be a mirror in the bathroom.

Somehow I never liked such a mirror cabinet, unless nicer forms of this option are created now 2 w 1.