Types of solutions for a light wooden frame

tmpf994-2A skeleton wall made of thin-section structural elements with a facade made of wooden facing.

Wooden frame of the wall with posts spaced every 60 cm is filled with heat-insulating material – rock or glass wool is most often used for this purpose. Dimensions of construction posts, amounting to 38×140 mm, allow for the installation of thermal insulation with a thickness that meets the applicable thermal protection requirements of the building.

From the outside, the structure is covered with waterproof plywood that strengthens the whole and covered with bituminized paper. The external facade can be finished with wooden siding or siding.

From the inside, the walls are finished with plasterboards. The axial distance of the posts is 60 cm requires the use of an additional supporting structure for the sheathing of plasterboard walls. It is recommended to put an additional layer of glass or rock wool between the supporting structure, for soundproofing the wall.

Examples of ways of finishing the facade with wooden facing.