Thermal insulation of pitched roofs

tmpa8dd-1Roof slope with an additional layer of thermal insulation installed under the rafters, between the supporting grate of the plasterboard interior sheathing.

In roofs with a non-habitable attic, the thermal insulation is spread over the ceiling of the upper floor. Ventilation of such an attic takes place through inlet openings above the eaves of the roof and outlet openings in the upper part of the gable walls and under the ridge. The large air volume between the insulation layer and the roof slopes ensures moisture exchange and temperature equalization.

In newly erected buildings with sloping roofs, the attic is most often functional, therefore it requires insulation of the roof slopes.

The arrangement of the roof slope layers should protect the interior against precipitation and temperature fluctuations. In addition, the arrangement of layers in the insulated roof slope should protect the roof truss and thermal insulation against the risk of dampness due to condensation penetrating from the inside of the water vapor.. In order to block the inflow of water vapor in insulated slopes, it is absolutely necessary to use a vapor barrier from the inside. Correct design of thermal insulation, pre-coverage layer, ventilation gaps and other components of the insulated roof are possible in many variants depending on factors such as the height of the rafters, roof slope, roof ventilation solution, etc..

In roofs with an attic, the thermal insulation is placed in the thickness of the roof slope. The thermal insulation can be arranged in various ways, depends on the structure of the roof truss as well as the thickness and properties of the insulating material.

• Thermal insulation between rafters

• Thermal insulation between and under the rafters

• Thermal insulation above the rafters

Each way of placing the thermal insulation in the roof slope must take into account the need to ventilate the roof and the requirements related to the provisions on thermal protection of buildings..

tmpa8dd-2The roof plane with a partially exposed roof truss, with additional thermal insulation made by the surface method on the formwork, above the level of the rafters.