Developer ABC – power engineering

Is there a developer without knowledge of the basics of energy?? It is more of a rhetorical question.

Energetics is a branch of science and technology. It is also a branch of industry, dealing with the processing of available forms of energy. It transforms them into forms that are easy to use for 1. Supplying all industrial processes, and also to 2. Driving machines and devices. We know about it. But in practice, more precisely, energy includes the supply of energy sources in two forms, specifically: 1. Electricity - which is delivered to the recipient through electric wires, produced with the help of turbines and generators, 2. The heat energy that is supplied to the recipient via the heat transporting medium, in particular, it may be steam under high pressure, heated water or other fluids. Various energy sources are used to heat the mentioned carriers.

By contrast, the energy industry is made up, as you probably know, in two parts: 1. Power plant, heat and power plants, namely factories, in which primary energy is converted into its useful form; 2. Industry energy networks, namely, a system of devices that allows energy to be transmitted to the consumer.

It must be noted, that energy is no longer among the sectors of the economy with the most harmful impact on the environment and health. Nevertheless, coordinated action is taken at the level of the European Union to limit possible harmful effects.