Correct routing

Most work in wood or metal requires tracing of dimensions or shapes. Regardless of whether we do it with a carpenter's pencil, with a stylus or even the blade of a sharp instrument …

Draw straight lines with a string

When painting or wallpapering walls, it is often necessary to mark a horizontal line on them. Dwie osoby mogą taką linię łatwo wyznaczyć za pomocą sznurka nasyconego suchym

Line at an angle

The line at an angle of 45 ° can be easily marked on the board or plate to be cut without the use of specialized scribing tools. It is enough to fold a square piece of paper diagonally. However, let's do it as precisely as possible. …

Tracing the fork

Many wooden structures have fork or socket-tenon connections. Both forklifts, as well as the pivots themselves, require a very precise marking and, of course, cutting them out. W przypadku większej liczby czopów lub widlic