Laying brick tiles

Fastening brick tiles

The secret of effectively decorating a wall with brick tiles is to plan a realistic pattern. The easiest way to plan your first rows of tiles is to draw them on the wall. Then spread the glue on the bottom of each tile with a trowel and glue it to the wall. You must separate the individual tiles with crosses.

To make the effect as realistic as possible, you will need to trim a few tiles. You can do this with either an electric angle grinder equipped with a disc for cutting ceramics, and a circular saw. Cutting the tiles with a special saw blade is a bit more time-consuming (e.g.. wolframowego) a metal ball mounted in the holder.

When they have passed since sticking 24 hours, you can remove the crosses and fill the joints with mortar or joint compound. The mortar is applied with a small masonry trowel, while being careful, so as not to stain the bricks. If you don't have time or feel like filling the joints, you can paint the wall, eg. green emulsion. Before you start laying tiles, the paint must dry thoroughly.


1 Lay the tiles on the floor, trying to work out the most realistic pattern of their arrangement, then sketch it on the wall with a pencil. Relocate vertical joints, just like on a brick wall. On the corners – if possible – use L-shaped tiles.
2 To prevent the tiles from slipping, place pieces of wood between them approx 9 mm. You can also cut polystyrene from some packaging into pieces. Po 24 for hours, remove the struts and fill the joints with mortar.