Which shape of the mirror to choose for the bathroom?

Which shape of the mirror to choose for the bathroom?

Which mirror do you think will look best in the bathroom. Round or maybe square? I do not know what to choose and how to choose the lighting for a round or square one, How will it be practically?

It depends on what shapes we choose in other elements of the equipment. Now bathroom ceramics also come in a variety of shapes. If they are soft rounded lines, it should be a better round mirror here. For straight lines and shapes, I think, that a square mirror will fit better. In terms of lighting, halogen lights work well, because they give good, close to natural light.

A square mirror if we want to have a larger viewing area.

I think, that despite everything, square and rectangular mirrors are glued into tiles. As I know, most of the tiles are rectangular and they work well together. I personally like everything in a similar style, you have to be careful not to turn out kitschy.

A suitable device of its own, even a small bathroom will ensure relaxing moments in a pleasant atmosphere. Arranging and designing a bathroom is usually associated with the selection of tiles with the appropriate colors, bathroom fittings and attractive accessories. Interesting towels arranged, clean interior, properly selected bathroom lighting, as a rule, these factors attract attention in the first assessment. But the mirror is the focal point of every bathroom, which, in combination with the right lighting, will facilitate the daily morning toilet.

Maybe I'm not fashionable, but I like ready-made sets the best and in this case I would choose a mirror with a shelf and lighting. You can see immediately how it all looks together, and so that I would choose the wrong mirror, the shelf is wrong and the lighting is wrongly selected.