Modern wall decorations

Modern wall decorations.

I am arranging my apartment and looking for interesting inspiration in the field of wall decoration. I am interested in all sorts of pictures, pendants, hangers, fabulous lighting. If you have any ideas, sites with an interesting assortment, let me know. I will be grateful.

I see, that you have no idea what you want to do. Then you need a portal where everything is arranged in certain categories. I personally go to stores like leroy merlin etc and look. When I like something, I search online to see if I can find something similar at a better price.

It's all a matter of taste. I also like modern solutions. When it comes to wall decorations, I can recommend, this is the site I have already bought on 2 stuff and I can confidently recommend it.

I hope, that you choose something.

I also like the rooms in a modern style.

I also focus on modernity. On the walls, I like some nice decorative panels or graphics in the form of wallpapers or pictures.

I just prefer undecorated walls.

I am a fan of minimalism, so I love clean walls possibly with one big decoration, which creates a nice atmosphere. some nice picture or photo wallpaper. But everything is rather subdued.

Wall templates or stickers give a very nice effect. I personally am a fan of templates in the form of trees, in the large room I have a template of a large baobab from which birds fly away and in my bedroom I have such stickers of large poppies stuck. It makes it really cool, elegant look and not expensive.

stickers are great, they can bring much more to a room than many smaller ones, unnecessary decorations. But you have to look for such really nice and good quality products on the Internet because the ones offered by normal stores are in my opinion ugly and completely not worth the price. A very large selection of interesting stickers is available at You will not find such stickers in Praktiker or Castorama.

If someone wants to buy a new apartment but has a problem with the arrangement of the apartment, many developers have turnkey apartments, i.e. those whose price includes the service of an interior decorator. This may be an ideal solution for many, for example. they do not want, they don't have time or don't like to think about decor, etc. I know e.g.. that Wrocław Flats offers such services. It is worth being interested.

Blackboard paint has been very fashionable recently. It seems to me, that it would be worth arranging one wall this way.