Laying carpet on underfloor heating

Carpet can easily be installed over heated floors (floor heating), when the following rules are adhered to:
• Only one product should be used, suitable for laying over underfloor heating. On the carpet stamp, such carpet coverings are marked with an additional symbol for underfloor heating.
• In hot water underfloor heating, the thermal conductivity of a carpet should not be higher than 0,17 m2 K/W.

In tank heating, in which heat dissipation takes place with a time delay, good heating values ​​are obtained, when the heat conduction resistance is in the range between 0,12 i 0,17 m2 K/W.
• Carpet on underfloor heating should be appropriate
full-surface glued possibilities. You need the right glue for this, which should be processed according to the manufacturer's instructions.
• Before gluing is important, the heating screed to dry completely. If as a result of rough, the screed must be scraped over highly absorbent or uneven surfaces, then putty should be used, suitable for filling heating screeds according to the manufacturer's instructions.
• The temperature of the screed when bonding the floor covering should not exceed 20 ° C under any circumstances and must be kept at a constant height while the adhesive hardens..
• For loose laying (also when fixing with double-sided adhesive tape) they always arise – adversely affecting – air layers between the cladding and the substrate. In addition, only species are suitable for loose laying on heated floors, which neither expand nor contract.