Which electric grinders do you recommend?

Which electric grinders do you recommend?

Electric grinders can make wood finishing work much easier, and in the case of other materials, speed it up significantly. We can purchase them as stand-alone tools or attachments for drills.
As standalone tools, grinders are available on the market in three types. Orbital sanders are often used for both fine sanding of surfaces (especially when it comes to wood), as well as for very thorough smoothing before painting, staining or varnishing. Belt grinders are then used, when more wood needs to be removed, and sometimes for profiling. They can also be used to remove surface coatings, for example, paints made of wood or metal. And the third type is drum floor sanders,

Belt grinders

These grinders (popularly called?"Tanks”) they are larger and more powerful than oscillating. They are used to remove large amounts of material. The abrasive element is an abrasive cloth tape with standard dimensions, connected in a circle and stretched on two shafts. The rear roller drives the belt, and the front one regulates the tension force through a variable position. A flat cushion between the rollers allows the tape to be pressed against the sanded surface.
There are many models of belt grinders available in Poland. Most of them have power 500-650 W and designed for tapes with a width of 65 or 75 mm, but of course there are also professional models with power up to 1000 In and for wider tapes. These grinders can also be equipped| into a dust collector.

Orbital sanders (orbital)
The first grinders of this type were developed as a stakes for drilling machines and are still used especially by these DIY enthusiasts., which, it is not profitable to buy an additional tool. Currently, they are less and less popular.
Stand-alone tools of this type have a rectangular sanding foot lined with a soft pad on which| sandpaper is pinned. The electric motor moves the shoe with small circular movements in a cycle 20 000 rotations per minute.
The feet of the grinders have standard dimensions corresponding to one third or one half of a sheet of sandpaper. Because sandpaper| it is sold in sheets 280 x 230 mm, the footers have respectively 230 x 93 mm i 280 x 1 15 mm. Grinders with larger feet are characterized by a much higher performance, the smaller ones have this advantage, that they are lighter and therefore more comfortable to use. Even smaller models have appeared on the market recently,whose design allows you to work comfortably with one hand and which are adapted to a quarter of a sheet of paper
Most sanders of this type have 200 W, but there are also professional ones with more power, adapted to intensive use.
Some are equipped with a lower rotational speed, so that more material can be collected. There are also models with adjustable speed, which allows for more versatile use. Many types of grinders are equipped with dust collectors. They are either bags mounted on the grinder, or a socket for connecting the vacuum cleaner pipe.

Floor sanding machines
This type of sander is a cross between a drum mower and a vacuum cleaner. The sandpaper is attached to a special drum. They are usually used for sanding new or old floors. Very few people buy their own generally are rented Drum has the most common 300 mm in width, and all models are equipped with dust extractors as standard.

Sanding attachments
There are three types of attachments for electric drills on the market: disks, rollers and flexible discs. Disks are used to quickly remove coatings, but their downside is this, that they leave scratches on the material. Rollers are used to finish profiled elements, and the flexible discs can be used both on the flat, as well as on profiled surfaces.