Laying the finished parquet on underfloor heating

A room climate is required for well-being, which significantly does not exceed the temperature of 18-21 ° C and provides relative air humidity 50-60%. These values ​​can be achieved with underfloor heating with the temperature of the finished parquet floor surface not exceeding 28 ° C.

Elements of the finished parquet can be laid over underfloor heating according to two different methods:

• Przy układaniu “floating” on ribbed paper or cork shot, the elements are joined with wood glue in a tongue and groove manner.

• Przy całopowierzchniowym sklejaniu stosuje się specjalne kleje (according to the parquet manufacturer's laying instructions).

Laying the finished parquet over underfloor heating is one of the most difficult tasks in interior finishing. Therefore it should be, also for warranty reasons, outsource the above-mentioned to a professional company. However, in order to provide accurate data on this topic as well, a short report from the Wood Working Association is provided (Dusseldorf – Germany) from long-term research in “The Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research” (Brunswick -Niemcy). The report captures only these from the extensive results, which are the most important for the practice of laying parquet and finished parquet elements on underfloor heating.

Principles of research
• Badania przeprowadzano przez wiele miesięcy na różnych rodzajach parkietu (bar and mosaic parquet as traditional parquet and finished parquet). Incoming temperature, hot water floor heating was 40 ° C, 55°C i 70°C (the last temperature to investigate the possible effects of a heating failure).
• Przeprowadzone badania obejmowały również skutki odległości rur gorącej wody ogrzewania podłogowego na ułożone rodzaje parkietu. Hot water pipe distances changed to 150,300 i 450 mm.

Conclusions for users:

1 Układanie handlowych rodzajów parkietu na ogrzewaniach podłogowych może być zalecane, when certain conditions are met when planning, execution and work.

2 Robocza temperatura doprowadzającej wody powinna wynosi maksymalnie 55°C. During tests, temperatures up to approx. 70° C through 10 days did not cause any damage, however.

3 Boczna odległość rur grzewczych powinna wynosić wg możliwości 15 cm. If the distance of the heating pipes were made greater than 30 cm, that's how research has shown, damage could not be excluded.

4 Rury grzewcze podłogowego ogrzewania na gorącą wodę mogą być układane pod jastrychem w rowkach warstwy materiałów izolacyjnych, but also in the screed itself.

5 Przy układaniu nie powinna być w żadnym wypadku przekroczona, according to Norm, average value of wood moisture (for bar and mosaic parquet 9+2%; for finished parquet elements 8+2%).

Wood, whose own humidity is at the upper limit of the permissible size standard (bar and mosaic parquet 11%; finished parquet – 10%) are too damp for a professional installation on underfloor heating. Damage occurs due to the drying out of the wood.

6 Należy więc zwracać uwagę na właściwe składowanie gotowego parkietu do czasu montażu i na nieuszkodzone opakowanie.
During the heating season there may be very fine and fine gaps in the parquet. They are generally evenly distributed and must be tolerated, because they are inevitable.

7 Jastrych może być podgrzany najwcześniej po 21 days from its arrangement. Moreover, the screed, before laying the parquet, should be heated to temperatures that increase by 5 ° C every day, until full heat output is reached. This procedure is also valid in the summer months. Since the screed has been heated for at least three consecutive days, without lowering the temperature to the maximum temperature overnight, the heating should be turned off before laying the parquet. In cold weather, the temperature should be lowered daily by 5 ° C until the time, when the screed has a surface temperature of 15-18 ° C.

8 Tej temperatury nie wolno podwyższać podczas co najmniej 3 days after laying the parquet. Thereafter, the temperature may be increased by 5 ° C until the intended temperature is reached, maximum water inlet temperature.

9 Przy budowie podłogi należy uwzględniać opory przewodzenia ciepła poszczególnych warstw. As far as they concern parquet and ribbed roofing felt, can be assumed, that they are the best in these layers.

10 Układanie parkietu na ogrzewaniu podłogowym i układanie jastrychu należy omowić z fachowcem.