Thermostatic faucets

Thermostatic faucets

I plan to renovate my grandma's bathroom, I would like to replace the faucet for the sink and bathtub. The house is quite old and has old technologies. I would like the interior to be relatively modern and decent. I found something like thermostatic faucets on the Internet. From what I understand, this faucet has a thermostat that heats the water, that is, it can download e.g.. cold water and then use it to heat it up? As I mentioned, the house is old and the hot water is from a Junker or something. Will this solution allow you to bypass the need to fire it to heat the water?? I don't know if he's up to it and that's why I'm asking.

You get it wrong. Thermostatic faucets make it possible to control the temperature,i.e.. that they mix cold and warm water. And the thermostat selects the right amount of hot and cold water to obtain the set temperature.

I was advised of the batteries, which heads are equipped with Soft Turn technology, which provides control at
water stream regulation and allows you to set the desired temperature. and water pressure.

Thermostatic mixers have real benefits, water savings up to 40% and thus smaller bills . Thermostatic mixers are especially recommended to these customers, who complain about frequent, unexpected changes in temperature or water pressure. Thermostatic shower faucets are the most popular, because keeping the water temperature constant in the shower is the most useful and desirable thing.

Thermostatic faucets are actually mainly used in the shower or bathtub. Such batteries are a very nice solution, you do not have to stand in front of the faucet and put the water slowly, what temperature we want practically flies right away, we won't get burned or get cold shock. Good thing when we have hot water from the boiler, it can be really hot many times and it was difficult to set it up.