lamp over the shower

lamp over the shower

Please let me know if I can install any lighting directly above the shower? If so, what? Until now, it has not been, but a renovation is being prepared, it would be possible to pull the electricity there, I just need to know what because 230V is probably dangerous in such a place?

Above the shower, a moisture resistance class of IP65 is required, voltage 12V. Only from what I have already figured out there are no surface-mounted luminaires with this tightness class. Most of the lighting over the shower is recessed. My friend figured something out so as not to suspend the ceiling, he found a nice external surface mounted luminaire for 12V and brought a safe 12V voltage to the shower. Somewhere in the fuse box he put a trafo.

You can also illuminate with a led strip, of course, supplying a current of 12V, which is safe for humans. We mount the moisture-resistant LED strips in the aluminum profile on the plaster, without embedding. Corrosion-resistant profile, of course, and we can arrange any shape. It takes up little space, you don't need to hang it and we can get a lot of bright light.

After all, the cabin lighting does not have to be on the ceiling. You can integrate such profiles for LED strips into tiles at any height, vertically horizontally as comfortable as possible . The tape is too milky and does not hurt the eyes as if what. I saw this solution with my own eyes and I liked it very much.

I think, that ordinary halides on the suspended ceiling will be approx. I have them myself and they work very well.