Special methods of laying carpet coverings

Special methods of laying carpet coverings

There are special adhesives for laying carpet coverings, which make it possible to remove the floor covering without causing damage to the substrate. Here we are talking about “determination” floor coverings with re-removable adhesives. Depending on the design of the back, the carpet can be reused.

They have been available in trade for several years and they have been really cheap, powder “fixers” for carpet flooring, which, like wallpaper glue, are made with water. After half an hour of swelling and again, These mixtures are ready for use with strong agitation.

The carpet is laid as with all single-sided adhesives. The laying of the floor covering on the glue should take place directly in conjunction with the application of the retainer. In addition, the edges of the carpet and the seams should be loaded.
Another method, which guarantees good adhesion, and at the same time, easy re-photo is placed on the so-called. adhesive fleece or adhesive net. This is to be understood as fleece or mesh fabrics, coated on both sides with glue, which on one side are protected against sticking with a protective foil. Laying on adhesive fleece or mesh should be carried out as follows:

First, you spread the carpet over the floor and roughly trim the edges. With several strips, the edges of the seam are trimmed precisely. The carpet is put down, relatively spreads out in the seam area.

Then the adhesive fleece unfolds on the floor with the protective foil upwards and carefully rubs it with a rubbing board. After removing the protective film, the carpet can be placed on the adhesive fleece and glued.

Application with double-sided adhesive tape is problematic on larger surfaces.

The ecologist advises
Solvent-based adhesives made of synthetic resins and synthetic rubber contain large amounts of solvents harmful to health. These adhesives should only be used for extremely difficult bonding. The solvent-free dispersion adhesives available today from the specialist trade and at the DIY fairs have sufficient adhesive strength for almost all accidents. Since this type of glue does not contain chemical solvents, it is also non-flammable. The big advantage from an ecological point of view is this, that no harmful vapors are released when these adhesives are used.

It occurs as a result of walking, usually after a short time to roll out” carpets. Bulges are formed. Before laying, the floor covering is first adjusted to the room, and then folds over the edges. After sticking and rubbing the adhesive tape, the protective paper strip is removed, and the carpet is glued to the adhesive tape.