Sloping roofs

tmp43f8-1The influence of the arrangement of battens on the main slope and the strips of tiles fixed on the battens on the solution of the slope of the roof slope and the dormer entry into the roof.

The type of roofing material is very rarely considered in the designs, despite the, that the shapes of roofs are often very complex and contain many planes in various geometric forms. Complicated tracts, in the absence of their dimensional adjustment to a specific product, can be a source of implementation problems – the use of a specific type of covering with dimensions not included in the design requires the correction of design solutions, and in particular, the correction of the dimensions of roof slopes.

The correct layout of the selected tile model depends on the shape of the roof. The batten spacing depends on the type of tile and its dimensions. In turn, the multiple of the batten spacing is the value determining the covering length of a given tile. If there are elements such as dormers on the roof, slope faults, e.t.c. their dimensions should take into account the dimension which is a multiple of the batten spacing – individual rows of tiles on adjoining slopes should be on the same level.