Developer ABC – cooperation

Developers are characterized by good cooperation. if not, they must go to waste.

Cooperation (pour. cooperativus, means cooperating, cooperatio, that is, cooperation) - cooperation or collaboration.

Production cooperation then takes place, when the enterprise (cooperator) undertakes cooperation with another. He does it this way, that it carries out selected stages of the production process for him; and subject cooperation takes place then, when it is able to supply, for example, various structural elements for products manufactured by another plant. As understood in the past, cooperation is also cooperative.

Think tank (z ang. literally a reservoir of thoughts / thoughts) is by design, an independent non-profit advisory committee, dealing with research and analysis, which concern not only public affairs. The activities of think tanks usually include research and finding ways to solve problems, is it social, or as consulting and participation in the public debate, it may also be a commercially dictated collaboration. You can also meet a broader scope of this concept, to designate, for example, a group of people or institutions with similar goals.