Will the urinal help you save water??

Will the urinal help you save water??

I read somewhere, that you can save on water by installing a urinal in your home toilet, when most of the household members are men, they say it pays off. Until now, I only associated it with public toilets. What is your opinion on this, I am at the stage of plumbing and can still opt for a urinal.

Apparently it pays off from 3 guys up. As you know, men do not have to sit down to urinate, and to rinse it in a toilet bowl, it takes a lot more water than the urinal uses.. We use the toilet quite often, so you can certainly save this way. And I've seen a urinal with a flap, it will definitely fit into the home toilet.

I consider, that if we have a place in the bathroom and we have three men in the house, urinals are the most useful and economical.

I think, that if we have enough space in the bathroom, then you need to make your life as easy as possible. A urinal by all means, the bidet is also a good option, which some people simply cannot do without. In both cases, water is saved, they are also ideal solutions from the point of view of personal hygiene, as well as the cleanliness of the bathroom.

Nom such a flap, in my opinion, is only an option so that we do not turn our home toilet into a public one. You can have such a urinal with a lid at a good price, which will certainly translate into profits.