Developer ABC – waterworks

Knowing the water network is something, what every developer should be with.

The water supply network is a system of water pipes. They are located outside the recipient's buildings. They provide water to the population or production plants. We distinguish: 1. Branch water supply network (open), wherein, as the source says ” the directions of the water flows are known, which pass through the transit pipes, below, the main amount of water flows through the so-called trunk lines, then there are distribution lines in the network, located on every street, for example, and connected houses. There are disadvantages here, namely, the largest diameters are at the beginning, the gate valve is disconnected on any of the bus cables in the event of a fault, then there is no water behind her. The advantages are the relatively small total length of the cables”; 2. Ring water supply network (closed circuit) and its advantages, such as continuous circulation of water in the network. During a failure, the water is closed only in a certain section, and in other places it flows continuously. The disadvantages, however, is the total length of water pipes in the network relatively greater than in the branch network, moreover, the direction of the water flow is unknown; 3. Mixed.