The system of building walls from polystyrene fittings

Styrofoam shapes play the role of the so-called. salunk traconego, and in terms of construction possibilities they resemble "Lego" bricks. Special locks allow for tight and durable joining of individual fittings without the use of glue. Semi-liquid B-15 concrete is poured into the arranged fittings. This creates a monolithic concrete wall with double-sided thermal insulation made of polystyrene. Pouring the fittings with concrete co 3 layers eliminates the need for additional formwork protection. The assortment of polystyrene fittings consists of a set of elements needed to complete the building shell. Open and closed wall fittings are available (end of the wall), fittings for the execution of wreaths and lintels and supplementary fittings for the construction of walls at an angle, round walls, e.t.c. The dimensions of the basic wall fittings vary depending on the system: 200 x 25 x 25 cm, 100 x 25 x 25 cm, 120 x 25 x 25 cm. The vertical walls of the blocks are connected, depending on the system, polystyrene ribs, plastic or metal. The upper edges of the fittings are equipped with locks. In some systems, basic blocks with triple or quadruple thermal insulation are available with one thick wall. There are also basic blocks with a higher one (do 2 hours) fire resistance.

In the first and penultimate layer of blocks on each floor - regardless of the project – always perform horizontal reinforcement with at least two diameter rods 8 mm. Vertical reinforcement is placed in the wall in the vicinity of window and door openings. Internal structural and partition walls, which do not require thermal insulation can be made of any building materials (bricks, hollow bricks, e.t.c.). Different types of ceilings can be used in buildings with polystyrene walls. However, prefabricated multi-ribbed ceilings are recommended (for example of the type Teriva or Fert), which allow the elimination of heavy construction equipment.